The thought of relocating your loved one to an assisted living facility can be a scary thing. Will they be taken care of properly? Will they be treated with the love and respect they deserve? Once you have made this life changing decision, we are sure dozens of similar questions may come to mind. Let us put you and your family at ease.

Here at Island View AFH, located in Tacoma WA, we cater to our residents and care for them just as we do our own loved ones. We specialize in Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living within our Micro-Community. We provide regular check-ins, laundry services, medication assistance and meal prep. We strive to give your loved one as much independence as possible. For our Alzheimer’s residents, you can be assured that our staff is trained to lovingly handle some of the more severe behaviors that are often associated with the disease.

We encourage you to come visit us here at Island View. See for yourself how our independent residents go about their day to day. See how your loved ones can live a normal, relaxing life as they so deserve.

Quality Care

We believe… Quality care is achieved when an individual’s emotional, social, and cognitive needs are in harm.


Respect is a feeling or understanding that someone is important and they should be treated in a special way.


We believe… In providing a secure and harmonious environment, that minimizes risks for our residents.


We believe… Trust is earned when someone is reliable, good, honest, and effective-consistently.and emotions.